HTX DAO Whitepaper


Across the expansive and ever-evolving blockchain landscape, HTX DAO stands as the central driving force for transformation. It serves as a visionary and inclusive platform where pioneering concepts and transformative projects find realization. What sets HTX DAO apart is its unwavering commitment to progress, grounded in the collective wisdom and insights of all its ecosystem users and community members. At the forefront of an industry where innovation and adaptability reign supreme, it is with this exact commitment that we proudly introduce the HTX token - a beacon of transformation, promise, and endless potential.

HTX transcends its role as the native token for the HTX exchange. In fact, it does not have an exclusive affiliation with the HTX exchange. It assumes a more profound role as a dedicated patron of the visionaries behind the decentralized economy, making it an integral part of the future of blockchain ecosystem developments.


The HTX token embodies the ethos of the HTX DAO, marking the dawn of a new era. Within this paradigm, the 'H' symbolizes the HTX exchange, highlighting its noteworthy role within the HTX DAO ecosystem as the largest contributor to ecosystem liquidity. The "T" signifies the TRON blockchain, the technological foundation for the HTX token, while the "X" embodies change and potential that blend in a multitude of beliefs at the heart of our vision. The "X" also stands as a symbol of the broad spectrum of reputable entities that will form the bedrock of this DAO ecosystem.

Principles and Vision

HTX embodies a novel approach to governance as it operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Unlike traditional corporate structures, it welcomes a decentralized governance structure consisting of a diverse group of visionaries and stakeholders holding HTX tokens, united by a shared commitment to drive the initiative towards success. This unique ecosystem promotes an open-door policy, inviting all DAO participants to propose collaborations with other projects and protocol enhancements that can benefit the HTX DAO. The authority to influence the direction of the initiative, through voting on these proposals, firmly rests with HTX token holders.

In a world where change is the sole constant, the "X" within HTX embodies adaptability, inclusivity, and the potential for exponential growth. We are no longer confined to a single trajectory; we are on a diverse path that mirrors the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. HTX as a DAO is poised to become a vibrant community where innovative ideas converge, giving rise to pioneering projects and revolutionary concepts. It is a fertile ground for the blockchain's brightest minds to collaborate and thrive, shaping the future of decentralized governance.


HTX DAO's governance is entrusted to HTX token holders. The process is designed to be open and accessible, with the freedom to present preliminary proposals on the HTX DAO Forum and formal proposals through the HTX DAO Governance Module. HTX token holders possess the liberty to acquire, delegate, and exercise their voting rights in the decision-making process.

Decisions, ranging from the initiation of novel ventures to the empowerment of operational teams, the selection of tokens on the HTX platform, and the entities to be added to the DAO governance, are contingent on the formulation of proposals and their subsequent validation through the voting process by HTX token holders.

"X" holds the key to our future, for it represents not one, but a multitude of reputable entities within the blockchain space that will ultimately become integral parts of the HTX DAO ecosystem. We firmly believe that authentic innovation arises from the harmonious blend of diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts. By broadening our horizons to encompass the entirety of the blockchain industry, our aspiration is to unite the foremost intellects and most influential figures within this sphere.

Governance Token

The governance token of the HTX DAO is the HTX token, i.e., $HTX. It is important to clarify that while the HTX token shares a similar name with the HTX exchange, it is not intended as a token exclusive to the exchange platform, nor is it an upgraded version of the HT token. The utilization of the "H" in HTX is specifically attributed to the HTX exchange, symbolizing its significant role within the HTX DAO ecosystem. To further underscore the distinction, the HTX DAO has taken measures to reserve a portion of the HTX token for voluntary conversion from the HT token by HT token holders.

Here are the official addresses of the HTX token on various blockchains at the time of its launch:


BTTC: 0x31161bc5dac078dbae525a4fd3b362fd440658b8

ETH: 0x61ec85ab89377db65762e234c946b5c25a56e99e

BSC: 0x61ec85ab89377db65762e234c946b5c25a56e99e

Individuals should exercise caution and verify these addresses via official channels to ensure they are interacting with the authentic HTX token.

Token Distribution Strategy

The HTX DAO's governance token, $HTX, boasts an initial supply of 999,990,000,000,000 tokens. The distribution of HTX tokens within the HTX DAO ecosystem embodies a strategic allocation aimed at nurturing inclusive growth and advancing the principles of decentralized governance. Embodying a commitment to transparency and community participation, the token allocation strategy reflects the vision of HTX DAO, fostering a diverse and dynamic landscape where contributors, innovators, and stakeholders collectively shape the trajectory of blockchain evolution.

19% Early Contributors and Public Allocation

19% Community Access Program

10% Developer Grant

10% Research and Development

10% Ecosystem Supporter

15% Partnership and Collaboration

17% Platform Development

This strategic distribution aims not only to allocate tokens but to catalyze a vibrant ecosystem where each participant plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized governance and blockchain innovation.

Voluntary Exchange from HT to HTX Token

The HTX DAO reserves a portion of the HTX token for voluntary conversion from the HT token by the HT token holders. The HT token holders represented the ecosystem contribution from all the users and community members supporting the development and growth of the HTX platform over the years, and such a valued group of contributors are recognized and thus given the option to continue their support via the conversion from HT to HTX token under the new DAO structure.

This initiative reflects HTX DAO’s empowerment of the HTX platform, now the people's exchange, and underscores the pivotal role played by the community's autonomous token, HTX token, in providing newfound strength to the platform's latest evolution. The community is thus encouraged to explore this avenue of continued support through the conversion of HT to HTX tokens, aligning with the principles of community autonomy and empowerment.

User Compliance and Restrictions

The HTX token, while designed to promote an open and inclusive blockchain ecosystem, must adhere to specific legal and regulatory guidelines. To ensure compliance, access to the HTX platform and token is currently prohibited for users from the United States, as well as any countries sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). These measures are implemented to maintain a secure and responsible environment within the HTX DAO ecosystem, all while reflecting the core values of inclusivity and innovation that drive the blockchain industry.

Governance Discussions

Ideas that receive substantial backing from the community can be proposed for voting. A community member may initiate a preliminary proposal or discussion, which may lead to an official HTX DAO vote. These proposals serve as a preliminary assessment or poll and do not assure implementation. For the concept to progress, it must be embraced by a development team, undergo a comprehensive code audit, and then be deployed by the multi-signature administrators.

HTX DAO Ecosystem Liquidity Pledge Mechanism

In the context of blockchain ecosystems, it is customary for platform tokens to undergo predetermined token burn practices, a method that can raise regulatory concerns due to the security implications involved. In contrast, HTX DAO distinguishes itself by introducing a pioneering mechanism called the Ecosystem Liquidity Pledge. This visionary approach not only elevates the utility of HTX tokens but also plays a pivotal role in propelling decentralized finance across multiple ecosystems, thereby distinguishing HTX DAO from conventional cryptocurrency projects and exchange platforms.

How It Works

1. Encouraging HTX Token Use: HTX DAO encourages users to utilize HTX tokens for transaction settlements and fee payments, offering fee discounts.

2. Allocating Earnings: The platform allocates a portion of its earnings for ecosystem development.

3. Dynamic Liquidity Sponsorship: Instead of fixed-rate commitments for token buyback-and-burn, HTX DAO adopts a dynamic process where it encourages ecosystem participants to pledge liquidity to the DAO through a decentralized ecosystem liquidity pool at the DeFi governance platform, boosting DeFi applications, developer activities, and ecosystem growth.

Participant Involvement

Every participant within the HTX DAO, known as a pledger, possesses the opportunity to voluntarily make an ecosystem liquidity pledge. We anticipate the establishment of an inaugural pledger list, which will encompass entities from various sectors of the blockchain industry, all motivated to contribute and bolster the ecosystem.

Participants have the flexibility to determine the extent of their HTX or TRX liquidity pledge based on their financial capabilities. The primary emphasis is placed on engaging a wide array of contributors from the broader community, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to enhancing the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Decentralized Management

Funds committed in the form of HTX and TRX are judiciously allocated to an ecosystem liquidity address that resembles a zero-address. The tokens deposited therein are not intended for mere destruction; instead, they serve to enhance both utility and decentralization in terms of treasury management. This safeguard ensures that no single pledger within the HTX DAO can exercise exclusive control over the treasury. A proactive approach is taken to manage liquidity in a decentralized fashion. This approach systematically addresses the matter of centralization in fund custodianship while simultaneously fortifying the security of the pool.

In this manner, the approach unequivocally guarantees the preservation of capital, uninterrupted access to liquidity, and acts as a potent deterrent against any potential misuse or misappropriation.

The HTX DAO Ecosystem Liquidity Pledge mechanism is meticulously crafted to empower our ecosystem, foster decentralization, and address security-related concerns and allegations of centralization. This carefully structured mechanism not only bolsters the resilience and self-sufficiency of our ecosystem but also ensures transparency and accountability in all our operations. It introduces an innovative approach to support the growth of our ecosystem while adhering to the evolving regulatory framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HTX DAO?

HTX DAO is a pioneering Decentralized Autonomous Organization within the blockchain ecosystem. Our vision revolves around open finance and a decentralized tokenized economy. At the heart of HTX DAO, governance is entrusted to HTX token holders. We extend a warm invitation to individuals and communities to join our journey and actively contribute.

Who governs HTX DAO?

The governance control of HTX DAO is in the hands of HTX token holders. Individuals who hold HTX tokens have the power and responsibility to make decisions and determine the direction and allocation of resources within the HTX DAO.

Is HTX DAO a registered entity?

HTX DAO does not function as a traditional registered company. Instead, it is a collective assembly of token holders who operate under the governance of a set of smart contracts meticulously designed on the blockchain.

Why does HTX DAO employ this structure?

A DAO, short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is the chosen framework for a multitude of DeFi and crypto initiatives when it comes to governing their protocols. This decentralized and autonomous structure allows for collective decision-making without any single entity holding unilateral control. It's essential to understand that decentralization and autonomy are facets that are continuously refined, bearing in mind factors such as:

1. The effectiveness of decision-making within a DAO.

2. The necessity for coordinated development teams and administrators during the early stages of a project.

3. Striking a balance between decentralization and fairly rewarding contributors.

In the case of HTX DAO, authentic innovation emerges from a collaborative blend of diverse perspectives within the blockchain community.

How secure is HTX DAO?

The security of HTX DAO, much like that of any crypto initiative, is influenced by certain inherent elements. These factors include the potential for financial losses, the existence of possible vulnerabilities or exploits within smart contracts, and the potential for errors by multi-signature administrators. However, to bolster security and instill confidence, the DAO has conducted thorough smart contract audits by independent third-party experts and benefits from a skilled community that actively monitors and responds to potential threats, collectively contributing to a safer and more secure HTX DAO ecosystem. Individuals should undertake comprehensive research and exercise due diligence prior to their involvement in any blockchain projects, as well-informed decision-making holds utmost importance within the blockchain realm.

How can I get involved with HTX DAO?

We extend an open invitation to the community for active collaboration, allowing various roles:

Community Members: Even non-token holders can actively participate in our forum and social media, sharing innovative ideas. Valuable concepts may be embraced by HTX token holders, while community leaders may be delegated voting rights to influence the direction.

Independent Contributors: Individuals or teams capable of advancing HTX DAO's protocols, facilitating due diligence, and seeking partnerships with other projects, are essential contributors.

Ecosystem Liquidity Pledgers: DAO participants who actively and dynamically engage in voluntary liquidity provision within the ecosystem are an essential part of HTX DAO, allowing for more robust ecosystem building through broadening our DeFi use cases, encouraging wide-ranging developer activities, increasing smart contract interactions, and bolstering various dApp scenarios.

DAO Partners: We wholeheartedly welcome projects willing to contribute to the HTX DAO ecosystem and explore avenues for collaboration between our respective protocols.

Token Holders: HTX token holders wield the power to propose and vote on the trajectory of HTX DAO and the allocation of its treasury assets. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the future of our ecosystem.

Contact Information

For any inquiries, clarifications, or support regarding HTX DAO, feel free to reach out to us at:

We're dedicated to assisting you with any questions you may have about the HTX token, governance within the HTX DAO, or any other related inquiries. Your feedback and engagement are highly valued as we strive to build a vibrant and inclusive blockchain community.


HTX DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization formed as the aggregate presence of all HTX token holders. HTX DAO is not a legal entity and does not function to exert centralized management of a supply of the HTX token. The HTX token has no inherent utilities ex ante, notwithstanding any utilities voted for and imposed by the token holders in a future DAO governance event ex post. There is no preset roadmap for the HTX DAO or inherent value of the HTX token. The HTX token does not represent any claim on any real world or financial assets, nor does it offer or guarantee a return value. Holders of the HTX token should not expect any such claims or returns. The HTX token has no fundamental distinction from a typical meme coin, where there is no intrinsic, inherent or investment value.

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